Most businesses and individuals look at taxation as an obligation and not one that they’re too excited about. At UPC our clients rely on us to determine the minimum legal income tax liability through a coordinated approach to the preparation of returns gained from a thorough understanding of the Income Tax Act.

The myriad of income tax laws in Canada, the United States and overseas only serve to make filing ones taxes more complicated. At UPC our consultants specialize in researching optimal tax filing strategies while ensuring that legal and regulatory obligations are met.

We understand that as your business grows so does the complexity of your tax needs. Each client has access to the complete range of our services whether that is:
  • Preparation of the annual accounts;
  • Preparation of tax computations based on those accounts and the relevant tax returns;
  • Preparation of the proprietor’s/director’s personal tax return;
  • Tax planning strategies for wealth transfers, or tax minimization, e.g., income splitting and deferral techniques
  • General business advice and setting strategy
  • Advice on financing
  • Advising on corporate structure
  • Filing notice of objections or
  • SRED credits applications or applications for relief of interest and penalties under the Fairness Package,

The team of consultants at UPC can assist with your needs. Contact us to set up an appointment to assess you needs.

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