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Are you a small business owner who has varied accounting, taxation or consulting needs? Are you seeking a firm that knows your industry and will provide you with a clear understanding of your financial results void of accounting jargons?

Client’s leverage UPC’s consulting services to work with your Board, leadership team and senior management to develop strategies and plans that generate tangible business improvements.


Select a topic of interest from the list below to learn more about how we can help your small business;


Ufodike Professional Corporation will be your resource partner, helping you out every step of the way. We will assist your new business in the following areas and more…

  • Assistance in valuing and negotiating the purchase of a business
  • Accounting software selection and training (see QuickBooks support)
  • Incorporation advice and setup
  • Registering for CRA business number; corporation income tax, GST, payroll source deductions
  • Determining GST method of calculation in order to minimize tax burden
  • Determine fiscal year end of corporation for tax filing and planning purposes
  • Advise on types of expenses to write off for tax purposes
  • How to record expenses paid with personal funds
  • What amounts to pay to family members
  • Important dates for tax purposes.


  • Advise on the benefits of incorporation for your business
  • Advise on the tax restrictions on incorporating if an employee of a company
  • Assisting you on organizing and creating your corporation. Addresses issues such as authorized share capital and splitting income for tax purposes
  • Advising you on operating companies and holding companies
  • Transferring an existing business to a corporation on a tax free basis

We draft and or notarize the following documents and more:

Notarization and Commissioning of Oaths Services

  • Certified or Notarizing Copies of an original document
  • Commissioning of Oaths/Solemn Declarations
  • Drafting Affidavit, Statutory Declaration, Power of Attorney
  • Witnessing of Signatures
  • Statutory Declarations e.g. Of a common Law Union, Lost, Stolen, Damaged, Destroyed or Inaccessible Canadian Passport or Travel Document
  • Drafting and Notarization of Consent to travel for Children

Whether your need is for tax planning or for professional tax services in order to legally minimize your Personal and Corporate Tax liabilities, UPC’s professionals are available to meet your needs in the Calgary area.

  • Preparation of Federal and Provincial Corporation tax returns and supporting schedules for small businesses
  • Consideration given to possible tax saving and tax deferral options
  • Assisting with computing your tax installment requirements
  • Corporation E-Filing services
  • Completion of CCRA required GIFI (General Index of Financial Information) schedules for corporation income tax returns.

We will review your accounting needs and recommend a software accounting package which in our opinion will do the job for your business.

Criteria considered will include the following:

  • User friendly screens
  • Price
  • Volume of transactions
  • Reports required by management
  • Number of users and network requirements
  • Number of customers and vendors
  • Multi-currency requirements
  • Internal control system
  • Accounting software vendor support

What is your time worth? Whether you’re a Sole Proprietor, Partnership or Corporation we can help you save time and money with our professional Bookkeeping service. This service will help improve you productivity and profitability – you’ll spend less time and resources doing record keeping and more time building your business. Our book keeping services offers the following benefits:

  • Monthly bookkeeping services at either our office or your business site.
  • Monthly services includes combination of accounting procedures including entering sales invoices, cheques, receipts, vendor invoices, etc.
  • Payroll services including electronic funds transfer to your employees bank accounts
  • Government reports completed including GST forms, payroll deduction forms, etc.
  • Monthly reports for management such as profit and loss statements, accounts receivable and payable listings, etc.
  • Determination of optimum salary amounts
  • Splitting income with family members
  • Setting up a holding company
  • Transferring investments into holding company
  • Company purchase or lease of vehicles
  • Business use of personally owned vehicles
  • Office space in home
  • Eliminating the requirements to pay Canada Pension Plan Premiums
  • And more.
Financing Help
  • Determining amount and types of financing required by the business
  • Preparation of financing proposals to lenders, thus help facilitate the approval of your loan request
  • Advise client on minimizing personal risk in business financing
  • Preparing financial statements on a review basis when required by lenders and shareholders

At Ufodike Professional Corporation (UPC) we understand the complex and diverse needs of the small business owner. You wear multiple hats within the organization and of find that you are not dedicating sufficient time on growing the business or planning for its future. Or in other cases growth has happened faster than you planned and you’re now overwhelmed by the daily record keeping and managing your multitude of business and social commitments. If so, then Ufodike Professional Corp. has a solution for you.

We will assist you in attaining your full potential while also saving you time and money in the process.

At Ufodike professional corporation we support all types of business activities including oil and gas, construction, sub-contractors, services, professionals, trades, logistics, distribution, retail, wholesale, manufacturing, etc and can help your small and growing business with more than just its accounting needs. We provide a one-stop shop for all of your accounting and taxation needs. The opportunity to have us work with your business is available but first we would like to get to know you.

Contact Us today for a free consultation on how we can assist your business to grow into its future.

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