Ufodike Professional Corporation (UPC) is a full fledged professional services organization located in Calgary Alberta. The Organization commenced operations in 2008 when UPC acquired the assets of John Whiteley professional Corporation (JWPC) a Public accounting firm that commenced operations in 1997. Over the years UPC has established a reputation as a professional accounting firm of excellence and for thirteen years has provided financial statements audits, reviews and compilation; accounting, forensic, accounting systems support, consulting services (M&A , strategy, change management, human capital, and systems) and taxation services to our clients. and business coaching / mentoring to businesses allover the province of Alberta.

Our consultants have in-depth knowledge and experience gained from working with a wide range of industries. We know your industry and the marketplace in which your business operates and take the time to get to know you and your business thoroughly whether you’re large or small, private or public.

Who We Are.

UPC offers a great career with exceptional benefits.

Working at a firm like UPC lets me offer my prospects in so many different areas.

Our strategy and values is based on a rather simple creed; we here at UPC refer to as “the six pillars” or ASKUPC.

  • Accuracy & Excellence
  • Service
  • Knowledgeable & Technical Expertise
  • Useful and Relevant advice
  • People (ours and yours)
  • Client Driven

The firm is lead by Dr. Akolisa Ufodike. Dr Ufodike graduated with a PHD in accounting from the University of Calgary PHD and is a Queens and Cornell University MBA graduate. He has over 20 years of Industry experience, with organizations such as Bell Canada & Molson and was recognized as a fellow of the accounting profession (FCGA, FCPA) in 2014. Dr. Ufodike is actively involved in planning and delivering on your projects and this accessibility and face-to-face time at the most senior level gives you direct access to professionals most familiar with your industry.

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